Execute turnkey installations and provides complete hospital equipping projects.

Complete range of Diagnostic & Medical Equipment

Offers a broad range of diagnostic imaging equipment and services for early diagnosis and management of diseases.

Medical Consumables

We provide medical consumables and equipment includes syringes, needles, sutures, staples, packaging, tubing,catheters, medical gloves, gowns, masks, adhesives.

Lab Diagnostic Equipment

We offer a range of clinical diagnostic laboratory equipment, tests, and information systems, to optimize the lab.

Complete Pharmacy Solution

Providers of medicine storage and dispensing solutions in public pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, hospital wards and medical care centres.

Lead & RF shielding

We provide the most effective shielding utilizing the smallest amount of space. Ideal for providing additional shielding to existing therapy vaults or treatment rooms.

Supply of Medical, Lab & General Furniture

We supply high quality laboratory equipment and laboratory supplies, chemistry lab equipment, labware, etc. and furniture for hospitals and clinics.

Medical Gas

Providing the best medical gas equipment, medgas pipeline products, med gas alarm systems and more.

Hospital Kitchen & Laundry

We provide solutions to their kitchen and laundry supplies needs.

Pneumatic Tube System

We undertake design, supply, installation and commissioning of the Pneumatic Tube System.

Hospital facilities management & maintenance

We are dedicated to helping hospitals and clinics ensure physical facilities are operating safely and efficiently to improve patient satisfaction and contain costs.

Automatic Waste & Linen Management System

An automated solution for hospital waste management, transporting waste and soiled linens through a pipe network to a collection area.

Nuclear Waste Management

Disposal of Radioactive waste.